Our Team

The Editorial and Research Team of E-Cell, IIT Madras is one of the teams of the institute with people from different departments and different programs as contributors. We have members from freshers to final year students, Post grad, MBA students, and HS junta.

The E&R team came into existence recently in September of 2016, with a team strength of 4 people; Divanshu Kumar, Nikhil Roul, Raj Kirti, Sarath Kumar.

The team is headed by Divanshu, who takes up responsibility for the whole team. Team Head is also responsible for cultivating the very spirit of entrepreneurship among the team members and in the institute. Nikhil is in charge of our blog, maintaining its quality and content. Sarath is in charge of Entrepreneurship Insider, the institute’s first magazine related to entrepreneurship, which will be launched at this year’s E-Summit 2.0. Raj is responsible for all the events organized by E-Cell and our partners and covering them.

This year’s team has grown from starting 4 members to 13 members including some high enthusiastic freshers and Post Grads. Having student correspondents from different departments and programs, the team makes sure that no domain is left untouched.

Divided by departments. United by Entrepreneurship.


divanshuDivanshu Kumar
is a very “seemingly” focused person who is so much confused about the choices in his life. Likes to travel and eat, and can be often found discussing entrepreneurship, technology, and their impacts.


nikhilNikhil Roul

As long as I’m getting free food and my occasional 12 hours+ sleep, I’m willing to work for anyone. And I do my best to stay indoors and work from behind the curtains because taking spotlight is too exhausting.


Raj Kiriti
is a nonlinear, dynamic system who’s trying to find uniformity in this chaotic journey of entrepreneurship.


Sarath Kumar S
As I am tired of waiting for someone to say ‘You know nothing, Sarath Kumar’, I write and engross myself in books and television.


shivaniK Shivani
I am hungry for experiences and exposure, loves to ponder mostly upon working of startups, life or otherwise complete nonsense. I am interested in a lot of things, in spite of having an attention span of a bee.

rishabhRishabh Kumar
An introvert with a distinct sense of humor (which some people refer to as bad). Pretty much confused about everything in life. A not so typical North Indian.

abhishekAbhishek Kelkar
A confused and often drowsy writing and reading fanatic. Food stands to be my most favorite f-word


rahulRahul Dubey
My insightful journey with the wise has made me grow into a cognitive tree of the spiritual land. I wish to connect with people through my writings to learn and disseminate wisdom.

anayAnay M Shembekar
A seeming non-enthusiast (not one) who always fails to come up with good titles for every article that he writes.


arvind-pujariArvind Pujari
I’m an ardent Chelsea and Roger Federer fan and, have a deep passion for writing. I hope to become a sports journalist some day. I’m currently working on my start-up in the field of sanitation. I also dabble in stand-up comedy and tennis and surprisingly, engineering!

siddharthSiddharth Kapre
I have a zest for anything that is thought-provoking and that has a steep learning curve. My interests are diverse and are always evolving, my current ones being Tennis, History, Politics, Math, Reading, Writing and the English language.

pranav-bhargavPranav Bhargav
Loves reading and writing, especially the reading. Other interests? Tennis, Philosophy, Gaming. And the little fascinating intricacies of the English language.

ramesh-kuruvaRamesh Kuruva
Is a Ph.D. scholar in finance with research experience in the area of startups and investments.


deviDevi Raghavee V
A young energetic research scholar. An ardent reader, big dreamer, believer, and doer. She is always ready to learn new things and meet new people. Never idle. And yes, she also has all the time in the world to listen to your stories and suggestions.


naomiNaomi Karyamsetty
A Humanities student who is (inordinately) obsessed with music and graphic design, and (quite properly) with books and ramblings she likes to call writing.